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Project Gulf Coast T-shirt Contest

Design a T-shirt, Vote for Your Favorite, Help the Environment

As the Gulf oil spill fades from national memory, the media coverage has died down. However, the people, communities, and businesses along the Gulf Coast are still struggling to receive their claims and regain their livelihood. We want to show our support for them. And, most importantly, we want to help ensure these naturally beautiful beaches, coastal marshes, and other areas are around for generations to come, both as the home for amazing wildlife and as wonderful places to visit.
You can help by either:
  1. Submitting a T-shirt design (you could win $800 in cash and prizes) or
  2. Signing up your non-profit, Gulf Coast organization as a participating non-profit (50% of the winning T-shirt purchases will go back to your organization) and/or
  3. Voting for your favorite design and purchasing the winning design later. T-shirt art submissions will run 10/01/10-10/31/10. Voting will take place 11/01/10-11/15/10. The T-shirt will be on the site for sale late November 2010.  Please sign in at so we may notify you when the shirt goes on sale.

Let’s raise some money and some awareness for the beautiful Gulf Coast!

Artist: Enter our new T-shirt design contest to earn a little cash and merchandise, gain a little fame, and help the environment.
It’s easy. Dream up an eye-popping, original design to go on one of our clay-dyed T-shirts and submit it to us. We’ll post it online for the whole earth creations community to vote on. The design with the most votes and highest rank gets turned into a real T-shirt we’ll sell online. You’ll receive prize money, earth creations merchandise, boasting rights, and a donation to the Gulf Coast charity of your choice. The winning design will be printed and sold at Half of all sales of the winning design will go to participating non-profit organizations for their Gulf Coast cleanup and preservation efforts. 
Non-Profit Gulf Coast Organizations: How does it work?
  1. Call or email us for a participation code for your organization: or 205-426-2302 ext. 100.
  2. Send an email to your members urging them to participate in the T-shirt contest as an artist or to vote on the designs on our website, Your members will be able to purchase the winning T-shirt starting November 22, 2010, using the assigned code. Half of the proceeds of each shirt purchased with your code will go back to your organization. If you need help with the email for your organization, we will help compose it.
Voters:  Voting begins Nov. 1, 2010. You may only vote once per design, and you must sign in with your email address so we can notify you when the winning design has been chosen. Duplicate votes will be eliminated from the vote count. Keep your eyes peeled; we'll post designs as they are approved. Click here to see some of the approved artwork.
SPREAD the word! Half the proceeds from the sale of the winning T-shirt will go back to participating non-profit organizations.