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Looking for a fundraising partner? earth creations and its high-quality, eco-friendly apparel may be just what you need.
Whether non-profit group, organization, association, society, or school, is your mission and philosophy to nurture and protect the Earth and its environment, and conserve its natural resources? Would the members of your organization love to wear unique, clay-dyed clothing made from organic and sustainable fibers? Do members of your organization prefer purchasing American-made products in support of domestic manufacturing?
Or maybe your fundraising activities have been filled with organizational and logistical headaches. Are you tired of struggling to collect orders on paper forms, and spending time distributing the goods that your members ordered? Have you had to purchase fundraising goods upfront, rather than spending the money on your core mission? Are the members of your organization tired of the “usual” fundraising items? Do they want something unique, useful, and sustainable?
If any of these questions sound familiar, then earth creations has a simple solution for you. With our new, state-of-the-art website, we offer effective opportunities for fundraising activities.
How does it work for your organization?
  • When your members use your Fundraising Code to shop on our website, earth creations will give you a percentage of the sales.
  • The percentage will be negotiated with your organization beforehand, but expect your proceeds to be at least 10% of the purchase value of the goods.
  • Together we will decide how long the fundraiser will last, based on your needs. Fundraisers with a deadline often take advantage of a final push for better proceeds. But fundraisers also may be set up indefinitely, without a time limit.
  • We will assign you a unique Fundraising Code.
  • You are welcome to distribute the code to your members though your website, email and/or publications.
  • Every month we will send you a report showing members’ purchases, along with a check.
  • If a member of your organization is not satisfied with one or more products, he or she may return the item using our standard Exchanges/Returns policy. If it is returned for a refund, it will be reflected in the monthly report.
  • We can also place a link to your organization’s website on our Affiliations/Links page.
  • Please note that our program is valid only for shipping within the United States.
How does it work for your members?
  • When visiting our website, members will select item(s) that they like and place them in the shopping cart.
  • At checkout, members will enter the Fundraising Code and complete their purchase. At checkout, they also will be able to see how much of their purchase will be donated to your organization. The same information will be displayed on their invoice.
  • Items will be shipped directly to them using our standard methods of shipping.
We support the causes of many non-profit groups and schools whose mission and goals are similar to ours, and we take pride in our affiliations with them. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with earth creations!