Be Happy on Toddler/Youth Organic TeePictured in Sunstone
Be Happy on Toddler/Youth Organic Tee

Be Happy on Toddler/Youth Organic Tee


This whimsical and child-like print reminds us that one of the greatest things in life is to "Be Happy" and find joy wherever you are.

Printed using eco-friendly non PVC inks on our soft 100% organic cotton clay-dyed toddler/youth tee that will fit any child like a glove.

Item Number: 649-528

Fabric: 100% organic cotton jersey

Made in the U.S.A

earth creations - 649-528 Be Happy on Toddler/Youth Organic Tee - 100% organic cotton jersey - Made in the U.S.A - UPF 50+

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 earth creations size Age Style 649 From To
 2T/3T (XXS)
2-3 yrs.  in. 20 21
 cm. 51 53
 4 (XS) 4 yrs.  in. 22 23
 cm. 56 58
 5/6 (S)
5-6 yrs.  in. 24 25
 cm. 61 64
 7/8 (M)
7-8 yrs.  in. 26 27
 cm. 66 69
 10 (L)
9-11 yrs.  in. 28 30
 cm. 71 76