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From the first "Dirt Shirt" tinted with that infamous red clay, earth creations has now grown into a full line of eco-friendly, clay dyed clothing made from sustainable fibers such as organic cotton and hemp.


What We Do

We use natural clay and low impact dyes combined with environmentally friendly fibres such as organic cotton and hemp to create sustainable, colourful clothing for men, women, and children. Our clay dyed eco friendly range includes 1) Regional designs 2) Nature inspired designs by local artists and 3) Learning by Wearing designs


How We Do It

We use a natural clay dyeing process which starts with a pre-dye soaking bath for all of our garments. Next we place our garments in a dyeing bath consisting of our regionally sourced clays or low impact dyes to colour our fabrics, we then transfer the garments to a setting bath which binds the clay to the fibres so that the colours of our naturally dyed garments remain in the garment. Lastly, we transfer to a finishing rinse to remove any excess clay.


Why We Do It

Nature is our greatest Inspiration and Protecting the Earth is our Passion. At earth creations, we are trying our best to make a difference by positively impacting the lives of everyone involved - from the organic farmer, to the fabric knitter, to people wearing our clothing.


Earth Creations

  • Environmentally friendly clay dyed eco-apparel
  • Learning by Wearing educational designs
  • Certified UPF 50+ for Sun Protection
  • Natural clay dyes and low impact dyes are chemical free and gentle to sensitive skin
  • High quality, all natural Organic Cotton and Hemp fabrics

We strive to create high-quality, eco-friendly clothing in a sustainable manner and still make it something beautiful that you'll love to wear day after day. We thank you for supporting our business and helping us to further this goal.

Joy Maples and Martin Ledvina
founders of earth creations